Change Log

All notable changes to this project are documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.



  • Add GEOparse to the resolwebio/common:2.7.0 Docker image

  • Add fastq file validation in import-sra-single and import-sra-paired processes

  • Add geo-import process


  • Use resolwebio/base:ubuntu-20.04 Docker image for building resolwebio/sra-tools Docker image. Include dnaio Python library in resolwebio/sra-tools.


  • Fix handling of non-sample data inputs in multiqc process

36.1.0 - 2021-03-15


  • Fail if wrong filtering arguments are used in KB Feature / Mapping search endpoints


  • Use Amazon ECR when building resolwebio/base Docker images

  • Use pinned version of the resolwebio/base Docker image for building resolwebio/common Docker image. Update versions of bioinformatic tools installed in the resolwebio/common image.

  • Use only tagged versions of resolwebio/base Docker images in processes

  • Save gene-level estimated counts to the rc output field in the salmon-quant process


  • Fix file import in processes upload-multiplexed-single and upload-multiplexed-paired

  • Fix import-sra-single and import-sra-paired to correctly determine Illumina 1.5 and 1.3 quality encoding

36.0.0 - 2021-02-22


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 27.x

  • Move docker images from Docker Hub to Amazon ECR

35.0.0 - 2021-01-20


  • Add OncXerna specific clinical descriptor schema oncxerna_clinical


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Support new protocol in Resolwe 26.x

34.3.0 - 2020-12-14


  • Add initial general clinical descriptor schema general_clinical

  • Add id field to Feature and Mapping serializers

  • Add resolwebio/base:ubuntu-20.04 Docker image


  • Update the url for the Orange table example template in upload-orange-metadata

34.2.1 - 2020-11-17


  • Fix macs2-callpeak process version

34.2.0 - 2020-11-13


  • Add upload-proteomics-sample and upload-proteomics-sample-set processes for uploading custom tables holding proteomics data


  • Changed scale-bigwig output file field label to bigwig file

  • Bump memory requirements in processes import-sra, import-sra-single and import-sra-paired to 8GB

34.1.0 - 2020-10-20


  • Add peakcalling to removed duplicates step in species’ line of the workflow-cutnrun workflow


  • Add BigWig timeout and bin size parameters to markduplicates, alignmentsieve and workflow-cutnrun. Add bin size parameter to alignment-bowtie2.

34.0.0 - 2020-10-19


  • Added parameters --normalizeUsing and --smoothLength to script to be used in bamCoverage program

  • Added parameters --no-unal and --no-overlap to process alignment-bowtie

  • Add alignmentsieve process

  • Add Trim Galore tool to resolwebio/rnaseq:4.12.0

  • Add trimgalore-paired process

  • Add bedtools-bamtobed and scale-bigwig processes

  • Added BigWig timeout input parameter to alignment-bowtie2 process

  • Add workflow workflow-cutnrun

  • Add clustering-hierarchical-etc process

  • Add find-similar process


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 25.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Rewrite differentialexpression-deseq2 to Python

  • Add format parameter to macs2-callpeak

  • Rewrite differentialexpression-edger to Python

  • Rewrite cuffdiff to Python

  • Alignment processes alignment-bowtie, alignment-bowtie2, alignment-star, alignment-bwa-mem, alignment-bwa-sw, alignment-bwa-aln, alignment-hisat2 and walt now issue a warning instead of an error when sample and genome species mismatch

  • Support automated upload of gene sets in proceses cuffdiff, differentialexpression-deseq2 and differentialexpression-edger

  • Support the analysis of S. cerevisiea samples in macs2-callpeak process

33.0.0 - 2020-09-14


  • Add resolwebio/sra-tools Docker image

  • Add resolwebio/orange Docker image

  • Add upload-orange-metadata process


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 24.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Include feature full names in full-text search

  • Support automatic species annotation in alignment processes: alignment-bowtie, alignment-bowtie2, alignment-bwa-mem, alignment-bwa-sw, alignment-bwa-aln, alignment-hisat2, alignment-star, walt

  • Pin XML R package to ensure compatibility with R 3.6.3 in resolwebio/chipseq:4.1.3 Docker image

  • Use resolwebio/sra-tools:1.0.0 Docker image in processes import-sra, import-sra-single and import-sra-paired

  • Optionally use sra-tools prefetch command when downloading and converting SRA files to FASTQ format


  • Bump Docker image version in chipqc process to fix enrichment heatmap plot

32.0.0 - 2020-08-17


  • Prepare resolwebio/rnaseq:4.11.0 Docker image: Add rnanorm (1.3.0) RNA-seq normalization package. Use resolwebio/common:1.6.0 Docker image as a base image. Pin XML R package to fix the image build issues. Install BBMap package from Google Drive.


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 23.x.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use rnanorm Python package for TPM/CPM normalization of RNA-seq data in featureCounts and HTSeq-count tools

  • Support Nanostring sample reports in MultiQC

  • Support Nanostring analysis results in differentialexpression-deseq2 process


  • Order results on autocomplete API endpoint in knowledge-base by relevance

  • Support filtering by type on knowledge base Feature API

  • Attach rose2 Data object to the input sample

31.0.0 - 2020-07-10


  • Add Sample QC information fields to the sample descriptor schema


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Disable editing capabilities of Knowledge Base API endpoints

  • Bump Samtools to version 1.10 in resolwebio/common:1.6.0 Docker image

  • Migrate search for Knowledge Base enpoints from Elasticsearch to PostgreSQL

  • Use resolwebio/common:1.6.0 for the resolwebio/wgbs:1.3.0 Docker image

  • Support samtools markdup report in walt process when removing duplicates

  • Support samtools markdup report from walt in MultiQC

  • Support samtools markdup report in workflow-wgbs-single and in workflow-wgbs-paired workflows

  • Bump memory requirements to 32GB in processes: feature_counts, coveragebed, library-strandedness, qorts-qc, salmon-quant and vc-realign-recalibrate

  • Rename workflow-slamdunk-paired process


  • Fix read length estimation in chipqc

30.0.0 - 2020-06-15


  • Add workflow-subsample-bwa-aln-single and workflow-subsample-bwa-aln-paired workflows


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use Salmon 1.2.1 in salmon-quant and salmon-index processes

  • Salmon quant 1.2.1 is not backwards compatible with indices generated with Salmon index prior to version 1.0.0, thus Salmon tool is updated to version 1.2.1 in processes that utilize Salmon to detect library strandedness type.

  • Expose additional limit options in alignment-star process

  • Bump SRA toolkit to 2.10.0 in resolwebio/common:1.5.0 Docker image

  • Use SRA tookit 2.10.0 in import-sra, import-sra-single and import-sra-paired processes

  • Format floats to 2 decimal places in custom ChIP-seq pre/post-peak MultiQC reports

29.0.0 - 2020-05-18


  • Add filtered BAM output to macs2-callpeak process

  • Add an option to use filtered BAM files from macs2-callpeak to rose2, workflow-macs-rose, and macs2-rose2-batch

  • Add ChIPQC to the resolwebio/chipseq:4.1.0 Docker image

  • Add chipqc process


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 22.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove processes alignment-subread and subread-index

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove process upload-genome. Refactor processes and workflows that required data:genome:fasta type of object on the input to work with data:seq:nucleotide or dedicated aligner index files instead.

  • Change macs2-batch and macs2-rose2-batch to use tagAlign files by default

  • Bump Salmon to version 1.2.1 in resolwebio/rnaseq:4.10.0 Docker image. Fix build issues affecting jpeg and png R packages.

  • Support chipqc process outputs in MultiQC

  • Support chipqc in workflow-macs-rose, workflow-macs2, macs2-batch and macs2-rose2-batch processes

  • Bump memory requirements for process upload-fasta-nucl to 8 GB


  • Fix Data name in bowtie-index, bowtie2-index, bwa-index, hisat2-index and walt-index

  • Fix filtering of empty VCF files in lofreq process

28.0.0 - 2020-04-10


  • Add workflow-wgs-paired workflow

  • Add processes: bowtie-index, bowtie2-index, bwa-index, hisat2-index, subread-index and walt-index.

  • Add Dictyostelium purpureum species choice to sample descriptor schema


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Refactor upload-fasta-nucl process: species and build input information on FASTA file upload are now mandatory, while source input has been removed.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Change the alignment-star-index process type to data:index:star. The process now accepts only upload-fasta-nucl objects on input.

  • Add trimming with Trimmomatic in workflow-wgbs-single and workflow-wgbs-paired workflows

  • Make intervals an optional input in bqsr process

  • Make intervals an optional input in vc-gatk4-hc process

  • Bump memory requirements in walt process to 32 GB


  • Fix data type of adapters input field in alignment-summary process

  • Fix handling of multiple adapters in alignment-summary process

27.0.0 - 2020-03-13


  • Add merge-fastq-single and merge-fastq-paired processes that merge multiple data:reads:fastq data objects into a single data:reads:fastq data object (and consequently a single sample)

  • Add bs-conversion-rate process

  • Add support for Python 3.8


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 21.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Split workflow-wgbs into workflow-wgbs-single and workflow-wgbs-paired workflows

  • Extend the workflow-wgbs-single and workflow-wgbs-paired with the markduplicates, insert-size and bs-conversion-rate QC processes

  • Support detection and separation of control spike-in-derived reads from endogenous sequencing reads in walt process

  • Replace duplicate-remover in walt to unify both (.mr and .bam) output alignment files

  • Support markduplicates and bs-conversion-rate process outputs in multiqc reports

  • Enable multiple SRR numbers as inputs in processes import-sra, import-sra-single, and import-sra-paired

  • Bump memory requirements in rrbs-metrics process

  • Improve process test input data for the alignment-star process

  • Bump Bedtools to v2.29.2 in resolwebio/common:1.3.2 Docker image


  • Fix Jbrowse track creation in upload-genome process. When gzip input was used in, not all sequence chunks were created for some inputs.

  • Fix macs2-callpeak process to work with paired-end reads when not using tagAlign files

  • Fix script to handle cases where the input file is empty

26.0.0 - 2020-02-14


  • Add alignment-summary process

  • Add insert-size process

  • Add wgs-metrics process

  • Add rrbs-metrics process

  • Add workflow-macs2 workflow


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use featureCounts instead of Stringtie in the workflow-corall-single and workflow-corall-paired workflows

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove stringtie and upload-metabolic-pathway processes

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Refactor walt process to support Picard quality metrics and update methcounts process and to match the new outputs

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Support MultiQC report in wgbs workflow

  • Remove Stringtie tool from resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image

  • Remove resolwe/base:ubuntu-14.04 and resolwe/base:ubuntu-17.10 Docker images

  • Use pigz for output file compression in bbduk-single and bbduk-paired processes

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:4.9.0 Docker image in processes bbduk-single, bbduk-paired, trimmomatic-single, trimmomatic-paired, alignment-bowtie, alignment-bowtie2, alignment-hisat2, alignment-subread, cuffmerge, pca, cuffdiff, differentialexpression-edger, cufflinks, cuffnorm, cuffquant, expression-aggregator, htseq-count, htseq-count-raw, index-fasta-nucl, rsem, upload-bam, upload-bam-indexed, upload-bam-secondary, upload-expression, upload-expression-cuffnorm, upload-expression-star, upload-genome, upload-gaf, upload-obo, upload-fasta-nucl, regtools-junctions-annotate, cutadapt-custom-single, cutadapt-custom-paired, bam-split, gff-to-gtf, spikein-qc, differentialexpression-shrna, feature_counts, salmon-index, salmon-quant, library-strandedness, qorts-qc, alignment-star, alignment-star-index, cutadapt-3prime-single, cutadapt-single, cutadapt-paired, differentialexpression-deseq2, cutadapt-corall-single, cutadapt-corall-paired, umi-tools-dedup and shrna-quant.

  • Use resolwebio/common:1.3.1 Docker image in processes amplicon-table, mergeexpressions, upload-bedpe, upload-bam-scseq-indexed, upload-diffexp, upload-etc, upload-sc-10x, upload-multiplexed-single, upload-multiplexed-paired, archive-samples, samtools-idxstats, seqtk-sample-single, seqtk-sample-paired, basespace-file-import, clustering-hierarchical-samples, clustering-hierarchical-genes, import-sra, import-sra-single, import-sra-paired.

  • Compute TPM values and map gene_ids to gene symbols in alleyoop-collapse process output

  • Rewrite multiqc process to Python

  • Save lib_format_counts.json in a separate output field in the salmon-quant process

  • Use resolwebio/common:1.3.1 as a base Docker image for the resolwebio/wgbs:1.2.0 Docker image

  • Support MultiQC reports in ChIP-seq workflows


  • Fix Mapping search for source_id / target_id

  • Fix handling of input file names in processes: cellranger-count, cutadapt-3prime-single, cutadapt-corall-single, cutadapt-corall-paired, salmon-quant, umi-tools-dedup, upload-sc-10x and upload-bam-scseq-indexed

  • Fix handling of chimeric alignments in alignment-star

25.1.0 - 2020-01-14



  • Extend the MultiQC report so that the Sample summary table is created for the compatible Data objects

  • Bump CPU and memory requirements for the alignment-bowtie2 process

  • Move upload test files of differential expression to its own folder


  • Fix typo in scheduling_class variable in several Python processes

  • Handle cases of improper tags passed to read_group argument of the bqsr process

  • When processing differential expression files, a validation is performed for numeric columns

25.0.0 - 2019-12-17


  • Add alleyoop-rates process

  • Add alleyoop-utr-rates process

  • Add alleyoop-summary process

  • Add alleyoop-snpeval process

  • Add alleyoop-collapse process

  • Add slam-count process

  • Add workflow-slamdunk-paired workflow


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Refactor slamdunk-all-paired process to support genome browser visualization and add additional output fields

  • Append sample and genome reference information to the summary output file in the filtering-chemut process

  • Bigwig output field in bamclipper, bqsr and markduplicates processes is no longer required

  • Support Slamdunk/Alleyoop processes in MultiQC

  • Enable sorting of files in alignment-star process using Samtools

  • Support merging of multi-lane sequencing data into a single (pair) of FASTQ files in the upload-fastq-single, upload-fastq-paired, files-to-fastq-single and files-to-fastq-paired processes

24.0.0 - 2019-11-15


  • Add resolwebio/slamdunk Docker image

  • Add Tabix (1.7-2) to resolwebio/bamliquidator:1.2.0 Docker image

  • Add seqtk-rev-complement-single and seqtk-rev-complement-paired process

  • Add slamdunk-all-paired process


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 20.x

  • Make BaseSpace file download more robust

  • Bump rose2 to 1.1.0, bamliquidator to 1.3.8, and use resolwebio/base:ubuntu-18.04 Docker image as a base image in resolwebio/bamliquidator:1.1.0 Docker image

  • Use resolwebio/bamliquidator:1.2.0 in rose2 process

  • Bump CPU, memory and Docker image (resolwebio/rnaseq:4.9.0) requirements in alignment-bwa-mem, alignment-bwa-sw and alignment-bwa-aln processes

  • Use multi-threading option in Samtools commands in alignment-bwa-mem, alignment-bwa-sw and alignment-bwa-aln processes

23.1.1 - 2019-10-11


  • Renamed workflow-trim-align-quant workflow to make the name more informative

23.1.0 - 2019-09-30


  • Add Macaca mulatta species choice to the sample descriptor schema

  • Add workflow-cutadapt-star-fc-quant-wo-depletion-single process


  • Test files improved for workflow-wes, bamclipper, markduplicates and bqsr

  • Fix typo in differentialexpression-shrna process docstring


  • Fix transcript-to-gene_id mapping for Salmon expressions in differentialexpression-deseq2 process. Transcript versions are now ignored when matching IDs using the transcript-to-gene_id mapping table.

  • Fix workflow-cutadapt-star-fc-quant-single process description

23.0.0 - 2019-09-17


  • Update order of QC reports in MultiQC configuration file. The updated configuration file is part of the resolwebio/common:1.3.1 Docker image.

  • Bump Jbrowse to version 1.16.6 in resolwebio/rnaseq:4.9.0 Docker image

  • Use JBrowse script to index GTF/GFF3 features upon annotation file upload

  • Support Salmon reports in MultiQC and expose dirs_depth parameter

  • Expose transcript-level expression file in the salmon-quant process


  • Add workflow-bbduk-salmon-qc-single and workflow-bbduk-salmon-qc-paired workflows


  • Give process upload-bedpe access to network

22.0.0 - 2019-08-20


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 19.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Unify cutadapt-single and cutadapt-paired process inputs and refactor to use Cutadapt v2.4

  • Expose BetaPrior parameter in differentialexpression-deseq2 process

  • Install R from CRAN-maintained repositories in Docker images build from the resolwebio/base:ubuntu-18.04 base image

  • Prepare resolwebio/common:1.3.0 Docker image:

    • Install R v3.6.1

    • Bump Resdk to v10.1.0

    • Install gawk package

    • Fix Docker image build issues

  • Use resolwebio/common:1.3.0 as a base image for resolwebio/rnaseq:4.8.0

  • Update StringTie to v2.0.0 in resolwebio/rnaseq:4.8.0

  • Support StringTie analysis results in DESeq2 tool


  • Add cutadapt-3prime-single process

  • Add workflow-cutadapt-star-fc-quant-single process

  • Add argument skip to bamclipper which enables skipping of the said process

  • Add cutadapt-corall-single and cutadapt-corall-paired processes for pre-processing of reads obtained using Corall Total RNA-seq library prep kit

  • Add umi-tools-dedup process

  • Add stringtie process

  • Add workflow-corall-single and workflow-corall-paired workflows optimized for Corall Total RNA-seq library prep kit data


  • Fix warning message in hierarchical clustering of genes. Incorrect gene names were reported in the warning message about removed genes. Computation of hierarchical clustering was correct.

21.0.1 - 2019-07-26


  • Bump Cutadapt to v2.4 and use resolwebio/common:1.2.0 as a base image in resolwebio/rnaseq:4.6.0


  • Add pigz package to resolwebio/common:1.2.0 Docker image

  • Add StringTie and UMI-tools to resolwebio/rnaseq:4.7.0 Docker image


  • Fix spikeins-qc process to correctly handle the case where all expressions are without spikeins

  • Fix an error in macs2-callpeak process that prevented correct reporting of build/species mismatch between inputs

  • Support UCSC annotations in feature_counts process by assigning empty string gene_ids to the “unknown” gene

21.0.0 - 2019-07-16


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 18.x

  • Bump the number of allocated CPU cores to 20 in alignment-bwa-mem process

  • Bump memory requirements in seqtk-sample-single and seqtk-sample-paired processes

  • Bump Salmon to v0.14.0 in resolwebio/rnaseq:4.5.0 Docker image

  • Expose additional inputs in salmon-index process

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:4.5.0 Docker image in processes that call Salmon tool (library-strandedness, feature_counts and qorts-qc)

  • Implement dropdown menu for upload-bedpe process

  • Add validation stringency parameter to bqsr process and propagate it to the workflow-wes as well

  • Add LENIENT value to validation stringency parameter of the markduplicates process

  • Improve performance of RPKUM normalization in featureCounts process


  • Add salmon-quant process


  • Fix genome upload process to correctly handle filenames with dots

  • Fix merging of expressions in archive-samples process. Previously some genes were missing in the merged expression files. The genes that were present had expression values correctly assigned. The process was optimized for performance and now supports parallelization.

20.0.0 2019-06-19


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 17.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use Elasticsearch version 6.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Bump Django requirement to version 2.2

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove obsolete RNA-seq workflows workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-single, workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-paired, workflow-cutadapt-star-featurecounts-single and workflow-cutadapt-star-featurecounts-paired

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove obsolete descriptor schemas: rna-seq-bbduk-star-featurecounts, quantseq, rna-seq-cutadapt-star-featurecounts and kapa-rna-seq-bbduk-star-featurecounts

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: In upload-fasta-nucl process, store compressed and uncompressed FASTA files in fastagz and fasta ouput fields, respectively

  • Allow setting the Java memory usage flags for the QoRTs tool in resolwebio/common:1.1.3 Docker image

  • Use resolwebio/common:1.1.3 Docker image as a base image for resolwebio/rnaseq:4.4.2

  • Bump GATK4 version to in resolwebio/dnaseq:4.2.0

  • Use MultiQC configuration file and prepend directory name to sample names by default in multiqc process

  • Bump resolwebio/common to 1.1.3 in resolwebio/dnaseq:4.2.0

  • Process vc-gatk4-hc now also accepts BED files through parameter intervals_bed


  • Support Python 3.7

  • Add Tabix (1.7-2) to resolwebio/wgbs docker image

  • Add JBrowse index output to hmr process

  • Add bamclipper tool and parallel package to resolwebio/dnaseq:4.2.0 image

  • Support hg19_mm10 hybrid genome in bam-split process

  • Support mappability-based normalization (RPKUM) in featureCounts

  • Add BEDPE upload process

  • Add bamclipper process

  • Add markduplicates process

  • Add bqsr (BaseQualityScoreRecalibrator) process

  • Add whole exome sequencing (WES) pipeline


  • Fix building problems of resolwebio/dnaseq docker

  • Fix handling of no-adapters input in workflows workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-single and workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-paired

19.0.1 2019-05-13


  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:4.4.2 Docker image that enforces the memory limit and bump memory requirements for qorts-qc process

  • Bump memory requirements for multiqc process

19.0.0 2019-05-07


  • Use Genialis fork of MultiQC 1.8.0b in resolwebio/common:1.1.2

  • Support Samtools idxstats and QoRTs QC reports in multiqc process

  • Support samtools-idxstats QC step in workflows:

    • workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-single

    • workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-paired

    • workflow-bbduk-star-fc-quant-single

    • workflow-bbduk-star-fc-quant-paired

  • Simplify cellranger-count outputs folder structure

  • Bump STAR aligner to version 2.7.0f in resolwebio/rnaseq:4.4.1 Docker image

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:4.4.1 in alignment-star and alignment-star-index processes

  • Save filtered count-matrix output file produced by DESeq2 differential expression process


  • Add samtools-idxstats process

  • Improve cellranger-count and cellranger-mkref logging

  • Add FastQC report to upload-sc-10x process


  • Fix archive-samples to work with data:chipseq:callpeak:macs2 data objects when downloading only peaks without QC reports

  • Fix parsing gene set files with empty lines to avoid saving gene sets with empty string elements

18.0.0 2019-04-16


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 16.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Rename and improve descriptions of processes specific to CATS RNA-seq kits. Remove related cutadapt-star-htseq descriptor schema.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove workflow-accel-gatk4 pipeline. Remove amplicon-panel, amplicon-panel-advanced and amplicon-master-file descriptor schemas.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove obsolete processes and descriptor schemas: rna-seq-quantseq, bcm-workflow-rnaseq, bcm-workflow-chipseq, bcm-workflow-wgbs, dicty-align-reads, dicty-etc, affy and workflow-chip-seq

  • Expose additional parameters of bowtie2 process

  • Support strandedness auto detection in qorts-qc process


  • Add shRNAde (v1.0) R package to the resolwebio/rnaseq:4.4.0 Docker image

  • Add resolwebio/scseq Docker image

  • Add shRNA differential expression process. This is a two-step process which trims, aligns and quantifies short hairpin RNA species. These are then used in a differential expression.

  • Add sc-seq processes:

    • cellranger-mkref

    • cellranger-count

    • upload-sc-10x

    • upload-bam-scseq-indexed


  • Bump memory requirements in seqtk-sample-single and seqtk-sample-paired processes

  • Fix cellranger-count html report

  • Mark spliced-alignments with XS flags in workflow-rnaseq-cuffquant

  • Fix whitespace handling in cuffnorm process

17.0.0 2019-03-19


  • Add qorts-qc (Quality of RNA-seq Tool-Set QC) process

  • Add workflow-bbduk-star-fc-quant-single and workflow-bbduk-star-fc-quant-paired processes

  • Add independent gene filtering and gene filtering based on Cook’s distance in DESeq2 differential expression process


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Move gene filtering by expression count input to filter.min_count_sum in DESeq2 differential expression process

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 15.x

  • Update resolwebio/common:1.1.0 Docker image:

    • add QoRTs (1.3.0) package

    • bump MultiQC to 1.7.0

    • bump Subread package to 1.6.3

  • Expose maxns input parameter in bbduk-single and bbduk-paired processes. Make this parameter available in workflows workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-single, workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-paired, workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-single and workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-paired.

  • Save CPM-normalized expressions in feature_counts process. Control the default expression normalization type (exp_type) using the normalization_type input.

  • Bump MultiQC to version 1.7.0 in multiqc process

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:4.3.0 with Subread/featureCounts version 1.6.3 in feature_counts process

16.3.0 2019-02-19


  • Bump STAR aligner version to 2.7.0c in resolwebio/rnaseq:4.2.2

  • Processes alignment-star and alignment-star-index now use Docker image resolwebio/rnaseq:4.2.2 which contains STAR version 2.7.0c

  • Persistence of basespace-file-import process changed from RAW to TEMP


  • Make prepare-geo-chipseq work with both data:chipseq:callpeak:macs2 and data:chipseq:callpeak:macs14 as inputs


  • Report correct total mapped reads and mapped reads percentage in prepeak QC report for data:alignment:bam:bowtie2 inputs in macs2-callpeak process

16.2.0 2019-01-28


  • Enable multithreading mode in alignment-bwa-aln and alignment-bwa-sw

  • Lineary lower the timeout for BigWig calculation when running on multiple cores


  • Remove pip --process-dependency-links argument in testenv settings

  • Fix walt getting killed when sort runs out of memory. The sort command buffer size was limited to the process memory limit.

16.1.0 2019-01-17



  • Add the FASTQ file validator script to the upload-fastq-single, upload-fastq-paired, files-to-fastq-single and files-to-fastq-paired processes

  • Add spikein-qc process

  • Add to resolwebio/rnaseq:4.1.0 Docker image:

    • dnaio Python library

  • Add to resolwebio/rnaseq:4.2.0 Docker image:

    • ERCC table

    • common Genialis fonts and css file

    • spike-in QC report template

  • Set MPLBACKEND environment variable to Agg in resolwebio/common:1.0.1 Docker image


  • Fix the format of the output FASTQ file in the script

  • Fix NSC and RSC QC metric calculation for ATAC-seq and paired-end ChIP-seq samples in macs2-callpeak and qc-prepeak processes

16.0.0 2018-12-19


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 14.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove obsolete processes findsimilar

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Include ENCODE-proposed QC analysis metrics methodology in the macs2-callpeak process. Simplified MACS2 analysis inputs now allow the use of sample relations (treatment/background) concept to trigger multiple MACS2 jobs automatically using the macs2-batch or macs2-rose2-batch processes.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Update workflow-atac-seq inputs to match the updated macs2-callpeak process

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:4.0.0 Docker image in alignment-star-index, bbduk-single, bbduk-paired, cuffdiff, cufflinks, cuffmerge, cuffnorm, cuffquant, cutadapt-custom-single, cutadapt-custom-paired, cutadapt-single, cutadapt-paired, differentialexpression-deseq2, differentialexpression-edger, expression-aggregator, feature_counts, goenrichment, htseq-count, htseq-count-raw, index-fasta-nucl, library-strandedness, pca, regtools-junctions-annotate, rsem, salmon-index, trimmomatic-single, trimmomatic-paired, upload-expression, upload-expression-cuffnorm, upload-expression-star, upload-fasta-nucl, upload-fastq-single, upload-fastq-paired, files-to-fastq-single, files-to-fastq-paired, upload-gaf, upload-genome, upload-gff3, upload-gtf and upload-obo

  • Order statistical groups in expression aggregator output by sample descriptor field value

  • Use resolwebio/biox:1.0.0 Docker image in etc-bcm, expression-dicty and mappability-bcm processes

  • Use resolwebio/common:1.0.0 Docker image in amplicon-table, mergeexpressions, upload-diffexp, upload-etc, upload-multiplexed-single and upload-multiplexed-paired processes

  • Use resolwebio/base:ubuntu-18.04 Docker image in create-geneset, create-geneset-venn, mergeetc, prepare-geo-chipseq, prepare-geo-rnaseq, upload-cxb, upload-geneset, upload-header-sam, upload-mappability, upload-snpeff and upload-picard-pcrmetrics processes

  • Update GATK4 to version in resolwebio/dnaseq:4.1.0 Docker image. Install and use JDK v8 by default to ensure compatibility with GATK4 package.

  • Use resolwebio/dnaseq:4.1.0 Docker image in align-bwa-trim, coveragebed, filtering-chemut, lofreq, picard-pcrmetrics, upload-master-file, upload-variants-vcf and vc-gatk4-hc processes

  • Expose reads quality filtering (q) parameter, reorganize inputs and rename the stats output file in alignment-bwa-aln process

  • Use resolwebio/chipseq:4.0.0 Docker image in chipseq-genescore, chipseq-peakscore, macs14, upload-bed and qc-prepeak processes

  • Use resolwebio/bamliquidator:1.0.0 Docker image in bamliquidator and bamplot processes


  • Add biosample source field to sample descriptor schema

  • Add background_pairs Jinja expressions filter that accepts a list of data objects and orders them in a list of pairs (case, background) based on the background relation between corresponding samples

  • Add chipseq-bwa descriptor schema. This schema specifies the default inputs for BWA ALN aligner process as defined in ENCODE ChIP-Seq experiments.

  • Add support for MACS2 result files to MultiQC process

  • Add macs2-batch, macs2-rose2-batch and workflow-macs-rose processes

  • Add feature symbols to expressions in archive-samples process


  • Make ChIP-seq fields in sample descriptor schema visible when ChIPmentation assay type is selected

  • Fix handling of whitespace in input BAM file name in script

  • Set available memory for STAR aligner to 36GB. Limit the available memory for STAR aligner --limitBAMsortRAM parameter to 90% of the Docker requirements setting

  • Set bbduk-single and bbduk-paired memory requirements to 8GB

  • Fix wrong file path in archive-samples process

15.0.0 2018-11-20


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove obsolete processes: bsmap, mcall, coverage-garvan, igv, jbrowse-bed, jbrowse-gff3, jbrowse-gtf, jbrowse-bam-coverage, jbrowse-bam-coverage-normalized, jbrowse-refseq, fastq-mcf-single, fastq-mcf-paired, hsqutils-trim, prinseq-lite-single, prinseq-lite-paired, sortmerna-single, sortmerna-paired, bam-coverage, hsqutils-dedup, vc-samtools, workflow-heat-seq and alignment-tophat2

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove jbrowse-bam-coverage process step from the workflow-accel workflow. The bigwig coverage track is computed in align-bwa-trim process instead.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove resolwebio/utils Docker image. This image is replaced by the resolwebio/common image.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use resolwebio/common Docker image as a base image for the resolwebio/biox, resolwebio/chipseq, resolwebio/dnaseq and resolwebio/rnaseq images

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove resolwebio/legacy Docker image.

  • Use sample name as the name of the data object in:

    • alignment-bwa-aln

    • alignment-bowtie2

    • qc-prepeak

    • macs2-callpeak

  • Attach macs2-callpeak, macs14 and rose2 process data to the case/treatment sample

  • Use resolwebio/dnaseq:4.0.0 docker image in align-bwa-trim process

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:4.0.0 docker image in aligners: alignment-bowtie, alignment-bowtie2, alignment-bwa-mem, alignment-bwa-sw, alignment-bwa-aln, alignment-hisat2, alignment-star and alignment-subread.

  • Set memory limits in upload-genome, trimmomatic-single and trimmomatic-paired processes

  • Improve error messages in differential expression process DESeq2


  • Add makedb (WALT 1.01) - callable as makedb-walt, tool to create genome index for WALT aligner, to resolwebio/rnaseq docker image

  • Add resolwebio/wgbs docker image including the following tools:

    • MethPipe (3.4.3)

    • WALT (1.01)

    • wigToBigWig (kent-v365)

  • Add resolwebio/common Docker image. This image includes common bioinformatics utilities and can serve as a base image for other, specialized resolwebio Docker images: resolwebio/biox, resolwebio/chipseq, resolwebio/dnaseq and resolwebio/rnaseq.

  • Add shift (user-defined cross-correlation peak strandshift) input to qc-prepeak process

  • Add ATAC-seq workflow

  • Compute index for WALT aligner on genome upload and support uploading the index together with the genome

  • Add Whole genome bisulfite sequencing workflow and related WGBS processes:

    • WALT

    • methcounts

    • HMR

  • Add bedClip to resolwebio/chipseq:3.1.0 docker image

  • Add resolwebio/biox Docker image. This image is based on the resolwebio/common image and includes Biox Python library for Dictyostelium RNA-Seq analysis support.

  • Add resolwebio/snpeff Docker image. The image includes SnpEff (4.3K) tool.

  • Add spike-in names, rRNA and globin RNA cromosome names in resolwebio/common image

  • Add UCSC bedGraphtoBigWig tool for calculating BigWig in script. In align-bwa-trim processor set this option (that BigWig is calculated by UCSC tool instead of deepTools), because it is much faster for amplicon files. In other processors update the input parameters for alignment-bowtie, alignment-bowtie2, alignment-bwa-mem, alignment-bwa-sw, alignment-bwa-aln, alignment-hisat2, alignment-star alignment-subread, upload-bam, upload-bam-indexed and upload-bam-secondary.

  • In don’t create BigWig when bam file was aligned on globin RNA or rRNA (this are QC steps and BigWig is not needed)


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use user-specificed distance metric in hierarchical clustering

  • Handle integer expression values in hierarchical clustering

  • Fix Amplicon table gene hyperlinks for cases where multiple genes are associated with detected variant

  • Handle empty gene name in expression files in PCA

  • Fix PBC QC reporting in qc-prepeak process for a case where there are no duplicates in the input bam

  • Fix macs2-callpeak process so that user defined fragment lenth has priority over the qc-prepeak estimated fragment length when shifting reads for post-peakcall QC

  • Fix macs2-callpeak to prevent the extension of intervals beyond chromosome boundaries in MACS2 bedgraph outputs

  • Fix warning message in hierarchical clustering of genes to display gene names

14.0.2 2018-10-23


  • Fix htseq-count-raw process to correctly map features with associated feature symbols.

14.0.1 2018-10-23


  • Handle missing gene expression in hierarchical clustering of genes. If one or more genes requested in gene filter are missing in selected expression files a warning is issued and hierarchical clustering of genes is computed with the rest of the genes instead of failing.

  • Fix PCA computation for single sample case

14.0.0 2018-10-09


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 13.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove gsize input from macs2-callpeak process and automate genome size selection

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Set a new default sample and reads descriptor schema. Change slug from sample2 to sample, modify group names, add cell_type field to the new sample descriptor schema, and remove the original sample, sample-detailed, and reads-detailed descriptor schemas.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Unify types of macs14 and macs2-callpeak processes and make rose2 work with both

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove replicates input in cuffnorm process. Use sample relation information instead.

  • Use resolwebio/chipseq:3.0.0 docker image in the following processes:

    • macs14

    • macs2-callpeak

    • rose2

  • Downgrade primerclip to old version (v171018) in resolwebio/dnaseq:3.3.0 docker image and move it to google drive.

  • Move bam-split process to resolwebio/rnaseq:3.7.1 docker image

  • Count unique and multimmaping reads in regtools-junctions-annotate process


  • Add qc-prepeak process that reports ENCODE3 accepted ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq QC metrics

  • Add QC report to macs2-callpeak process

  • Add combining ChIP-seq QC reports in archive-samples process

  • Add detection of globin-derived reads as an additional QC step in the workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-single and workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-paired processes.

  • Add mappings from ENSEMBL or NCBI to UCSC chromosome names and deepTools (v3.1.0) to resolwebio/dnaseq:3.3.0 docker image

  • Add BigWig output field to following processors:

    • align-bwa-trim

    • upload-bam

    • upload-bam-indexed

    • upload-bam-secondary

  • Add replicate_groups Jinja expressions filter that accepts a list of data objects and returns a list of labels determining replicate groups.

  • Add ‘Novel splice junctions in BED format’ output to regtools-junctions-annotate process, so that user can visualize only novel splice juntions in genome browsers.


  • Fix handling of numerical feature_ids (NCBI source) in script

  • Make chipseq-peakscore work with gzipped narrowPeak input from macs2-callpeak

  • Use uncompressed FASTQ files as input to STAR aligner to prevent issues on (network) filesystems without FIFO support

13.0.0 2018-09-18


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 12.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove obsolete processes: assembler-abyss, cutadapt-amplicon, feature_location, microarray-affy-qc, reads-merge, reference_compatibility, transmart-expressions, upload-hmmer-db, upload-mappability-bigwig, upload-microarray-affy.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove obsolete descriptor schema: transmart.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove tools which are not used by any process:,,,,,

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Management command for inserting features and mappings requires PostgreSQL version 9.5 or newer

  • Update the meta data like name, description, category, etc. of most of the processes

  • Speed-up management command for inserting mappings

  • Change location of cufflinks to Google Drive for resolwebio/rnaseq Docker build

  • Calculate alignment statistics for the uploaded alignment (.bam) file in the upload-bam, upload-bam-indexed and upload-bam-secondary processes.

  • Annotation (GTF/GFF3) file input is now optional for the creation of the STAR genome index files. Annotation file can be used at the alignment stage to supplement the genome indices with the set of known features.

  • Trigger process warning instead of process error in the case when scripts detects an empty .bam file.

  • Set the default reads length filtering parameter to 30 bp in the rna-seq-bbduk-star-featurecounts and kapa-rna-seq-bbduk-star-featurecounts experiment descriptor schema. Expand the kit selection choice options in the latter descriptor schema.


  • Add MultiQC (1.6.0) and Seqtk (1.2-r94) to the resolwebio/utils:1.5.0 Docker image

  • Add sample2 descriptor schema which is the successor of the original sample and reads descriptor schemas

  • Add bedToBigBed and Tabix to resolwebio/rnaseq:3.7.0 docker image

  • Add HS Panel choice option to the amplicon-master-file descriptor schema

  • Add MultiQC process

  • Add process for the Seqtk tool sample sub-command. This process allows sub-sampling of .fastq files using either a fixed number of reads or the ratio of the input file.

  • Add MultiQC analysis step to the workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-single and workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-single processes.

  • Add workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-single and workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-qc-paired processes which support MultiQC analysis, input reads down-sampling (using Seqtk) and rRNA sequence detection using STAR aligner.

  • Add to resolwebio/chipseq Docker image:

    • bedtools (2.25.0-1)

    • gawk (1:4.1.3+dfsg-0.1)

    • picard-tools (1.113-2)

    • run_spp.R (1.2) (as spp)

    • SPP (1.14)

  • Add regtools-junctions-annotate process that annotates novel splice junctions.

  • Add background relation type to fixtures


  • Track source information in the upload-fasta-nucl process.

  • When STAR aligner produces an empty alignment file, re-sort the alignment file to allow successful indexing of the output .bam file.

  • Create a symbolic link to the alignment file in the feature_counts process, so that relative path is used in the quantification results. This prevent the FeatureCounts output to be listed as a separate sample in the MultiQC reports.

  • Fix handling of expression objects in archive-samples process

12.0.0 - 2018-08-13


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 11.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use read count instead of sampling rate in strandedness detection

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove genome input from rose2 process and automate its selection

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Refactor cutadapt-paired process

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Improve leaf ordering performance in gene and sample hierarchical clustering. We now use exact leaf ordering which has been recently added to scipy instead of an approximate in-house solution based on nearest neighbor algorithm. Add informative warning and error messages to simplify troubleshooting with degenerate datasets.

  • Remove igvtools from resolwebio/utils Docker image

  • Improve helper text and labels in processes used for sequencing data upload

  • Allow using custom adapter sequences in the workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-single and workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts-paired processes

  • Change chromosome names from ENSEMBL / NCBI to UCSC (example: “1” to “chr1”) in BigWig files. The purpose of this is to enable viewing BigWig files in UCSC genome browsers for files aligned with ENSEBML or NCBI genome. This change is done by adding script to script.

  • Reduce RAM requirement in SRA import processes


  • Add two-pass mode to alignment-star process

  • Add regtools (0.5.0) to resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image

  • Add KAPA experiment descriptor schema

  • Add resdk Python 3 package to resolwebio/utils Docker image

  • Add to cutadapt-single process an option to discard reads having more ‘N’ bases than specified.

  • Add workflows for single-end workflow-cutadapt-star-featurecounts-single and paired-end reads workflow-cutadapt-star-featurecounts-paired. Both workflows consist of preprocessing with Cutadapt, alignment with STAR two pass mode and quantification with featureCounts.

  • Add descriptor schema rna-seq-cutadapt-star-featurecounts


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Fix the stitch parameter handling in rose2

  • fix upload-gtf to create JBrowse track only if GTF file is ok

  • Pin sra-toolkit version to 2.9.0 in resolwebio/utils Docker image.

  • Fix and improve rose2 error messages

  • Fail gracefully if bam file is empty when producing bigwig files

  • Fail gracefully if there are no matches when mapping chromosome names

11.0.0 - 2018-07-17


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove management command module

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove filtering of genes with low expression in PCA analysis

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove obsolete RNA-seq DSS process

  • Expand error messages in rose2 process

  • Check for errors during download of FASTQ files and use resolwebio/utils:1.3.0 Docker image in import SRA process

  • Increase Feature’s full name’s max length to 350 to support a long full name of “Complement C3 Complement C3 beta chain C3-beta-c Complement C3 alpha chain C3a anaphylatoxin Acylation stimulating protein Complement C3b alpha’ chain Complement C3c alpha’ chain fragment 1 Complement C3dg fragment Complement C3g fragment Complement C3d fragment Complement C3f fragment Complement C3c alpha’ chain fragment 2” in Ensembl


  • Add exp_set and exp_set_json output fields to expression processes:

    • feature_counts

    • htseq-count

    • htseq-count-raw

    • rsem

    • upload-expression

    • upload-expression-cuffnorm

    • upload-expression-star

  • Add ‘Masking BED file’ input to rose2 process which allows masking reagions from the analysis

  • Add filtering.outFilterMismatchNoverReadLmax input to alignment-star process

  • Add mappings from ENSEMBL or NCBI to UCSC chromosome names to resolwebio/rnaseq:3.5.0 docker image


  • Fix peaks BigBed output in macs14 process

  • Remove duplicated forward of alignIntronMax input field in BBDuk - STAR - featureCounts workflow

  • Make cuffnorm process attach correct expression data objects to samples

  • Fix upload-gtf in a way that GTF can be shown in JBrowse. Because JBrowse works only with GFF files, input GTF is converted to GFF from which JBrowse track is created.

10.0.1 - 2018-07-06


  • Fix to timeout the bamCoverage calculation after defined time

10.0.0 - 2018-06-19


  • Add to resolwebio/chipseq Docker image:

    • Bedops (v2.4.32)

    • Tabix (v1.8)

    • python3-pandas

    • bedGraphToBigWig (kent-v365)

    • bedToBigBed (kent-v365)

  • Add to resolwebio/rnaseq:3.2.0 Docker image:

    • genometools (1.5.9)

    • igvtools (v2.3.98)

    • jbrowse (v1.12.0)

    • Bowtie (v1.2.2)

    • Bowtie2 (v2.3.4.1)

    • BWA (0.7.17-r1188)

    • TopHat (v2.1.1)

    • Picard Tools (v2.18.5)

    • bedGraphToBigWig (kent-v365)

  • Add Debian package file to resolwebio/rnaseq:3.3.0 Docker image

  • Support filtering by type on feature API endpoint

  • Add BigWig output field to following processes:

    • alignment-bowtie

    • alignment-bowtie2

    • alignment-tophat2

    • alignment-bwa-mem

    • alignment-bwa-sw

    • alignment-bwa-aln

    • alignment-hisat2

    • alignment-star

  • Add Jbrowse track output field to upload-genome processor.

  • Use reslowebio/rnaseq Docker image and add Jbrowse track and IGV sorting and indexing to following processes:

    • upload-gff3

    • upload-gtf

    • gff-to-gtf

  • Add Tabix index for Jbrowse to upload-bed processor and use reslowebio/rnaseq Docker image

  • Add BigWig, BigBed and JBrowse track outputs to macs14 process

  • Add Species and Build outputs to rose2 process

  • Add Species, Build, BigWig, BigBed and JBrowse track outputs to macs2 process

  • Add scipy (v1.1.0) Python 3 package to resolwebio/utils Docker image


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Drop support for Python 3.4 and 3.5

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 10.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Upgrade to Django Channels 2

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Count fragments (or templates) instead of reads by default in featureCounts process and BBDuk - STAR - featureCounts pipeline. The change applies only to paired-end data.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use resolwebio/rnaseq:3.2.0 Docker image in the following processes that output reads:

    • upload-fastq-single

    • upload-fastq-paired

    • files-to-fastq-single

    • files-to-fastq-paired

    • reads-merge

    • bbduk-single

    • bbduk-paired

    • cutadapt-single

    • cutadapt-paired

    • cutadapt-custom-single

    • cutadapt-custom-paired

    • trimmomatic-single

    • trimmomatic-paired.

    This change unifies the version of FastQC tool (0.11.7) used for quality control of reads in the aforementioned processes. The new Docker image comes with an updated version of Cutadapt (1.16) which affects the following processes:

    • cutadapt-single

    • cutadapt-paired

    • cutadapt-custom-single

    • cutadapt-custom-paired.

    The new Docker image includes also an updated version of Trimmomatic (0.36) used in the following processes:

    • upload-fastq-single

    • upload-fastq-paired

    • files-to-fastq-single

    • files-to-fastq-paired

    • trimmomatic-single

    • trimmomatic-paired.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Change Docker image in alignment-subread from resolwebio/legacy:1.0.0 with Subread (v1.5.1) to resolwebio/rnaseq:3.2.0 with Subread (v1.6.0). --multiMapping option was added instead of --unique_reads. By default aligner report uniquely mapped reads only.

  • Update wigToBigWig to kent-v365 version in resolwebio/chipseq Docker image

  • Change paths in HTML amplicon report template in resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image

  • Move assay type input in BBDuk - STAR - featureCounts pipeline descriptor schema to advanced options

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:3.2.0 Docker image with updated versions of tools instead of resolwebio/legacy:1.0.0 Docker image in following processes:

    • alignment-bowtie with Bowtie (v1.2.2) instead of Bowtie (v1.1.2)

    • alignment-bowtie2 with Bowtie2 (v2.3.4.1) instead of Bowtie2 (v2.2.6)

    • alignment-tophat2 with TopHat (v2.1.1) instead of TopHat (v2.1.0)

    • alignment-bwa-mem, alignment-bwa-sw` and ``alignment-bwa-aln with BWA (v0.7.17-r1188) instead of BWA (v0.7.12-r1039)

    • alignment-hisat2 with HISAT2 (v2.1.0) instead of HISAT2 (v2.0.3-beta)

    • upload-genome

  • Use resolwebio/base:ubuntu-18.04 Docker image as a base image in resolwebio/utils Docker image

  • Update Python 3 packages in resolwebio/utils Docker image:

    • numpy (v1.14.4)

    • pandas (v0.23.0)

  • Replace bedgraphtobigwig with deepTools in resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image, due to faster performance

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:3.3.0 Docker image in alignment-star-index with STAR (v2.5.4b)


  • Make management commands use a private random generator instance

  • Fix output covplot_html of coveragebed process

  • Fix process archive-samples and amplicon-archive-multi-report to correctly handle nested file paths

  • Change rose2 and chipseq-peakscore to work with .bed or .bed.gz input files

  • Fix the expression-aggregator process so that it tracks the species of the input expression data

  • Fix to use deepTools instead of bedtools with bedgraphToBigWig due to better time performance

9.0.0 - 2018-05-15


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Simplify the amplicon-report process inputs by using Latex report template from the resolwebio/latex Docker image assets

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Simplify the coveragebed process inputs by using Bokeh assets from the resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require Resolwe 9.x

  • Update wigToBigWig tool in resolwebio/chipseq Docker image

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:3.1.0 Docker image in the following processes:

    • cufflinks

    • cuffnorm

    • cuffquant

  • Remove differentialexpression-limma process

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:3.1.0 docker image and expand error messages in:

    • cuffdiff

    • differentialexpression-deseq2

    • differentialexpression-edger

  • Update workflow-bbduk-star-htseq

  • Update quantseq descriptor schema

  • Assert species and build in htseq-count-normalized process

  • Set amplicon report template in resolwebio/latex Docker image to landscape mode


  • Support Python 3.6

  • Add template_amplicon_report.tex to resolwebio/latex Docker image assets

  • Add SnpEff tool and bokeh assets to resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image

  • Add automated library strand detection to feature_counts quantification process

  • Add FastQC option nogroup to bbduk-single and bbduk-paired processes

  • Add CPM normalization to htseq-count-raw process

  • Add workflow-bbduk-star-htseq-paired

  • Add legend to amplicon report template in resolwebio/latex Docker image


  • Fix manual installation of packages in Docker images to handle dots and spaces in file names correctly

  • Fix COSMIC url template in amplicon-table process

  • Fix Create IGV session in Archive samples process

  • Fix source tracking in cufflinks and cuffquant processes

  • Fix amplicon master file validation script. Check and report error if duplicated amplicon names are included. Validation will now pass also for primer sequences in lowercase.

  • Fix allele frequency (AF) calculation in snpeff process

  • Fix bug in script for calculating FPKM. Because genes of raw counts from featureCounts were not lexicographically sorted, division of normalized counts was done with values from other, incorrect, genes. Results from featureCounts, but not HTSeq-count process, were affected.

8.1.0 - 2018-04-13


  • Use the latest versions of the following Python packages in resolwebio/rnaseq docker image: Cutadapt 1.16, Apache Arrow 0.9.0, pysam 0.14.1, requests 2.18.4, appdirs 1.4.3, wrapt 1.10.11, PyYAML 3.12

  • Bump tools version in resolwebio/rnaseq docker image:

    • Salmon to 0.9.1

    • FastQC to 0.11.7

  • Generalize the no-extraction-needed use-case in resolwebio/base Docker image download_and_verify script


  • Add the following Python packages to resolwebio/rnaseq docker image: six 1.11.0, chardet 3.0.4, urllib3 1.22, idna 2.6, and certifi 2018.1.18

  • Add edgeR R library to resolwebio/rnaseq docker image

  • Add Bedtools to resolwebio/rnaseq docker image


  • Handle filenames with spaces in the following processes:

    • alignment-star-index

    • alignment-tophat2

    • cuffmerge

    • index-fasta-nucl

    • upload-fasta-nucl

  • Fix COSMIC url template in (multisample) amplicon reports

8.0.0 - 2018-04-11


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Refactor trimmomatic-single, trimmomatic-paired, bbduk-single, and bbduk-paired processes

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Merge align-bwa-trim and align-bwa-trim2 process functionality. Retain only the refactored process under slug align-bwa-trim

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: In processes handling VCF files, the output VCF files are stored in bgzip-compressed form. Tabix index is not referenced to an original VCF file anymore, but stored in a separate tbi output field

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove an obsolete workflow-accel-2 workflow

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Use Elasticsearch version 5.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Parallelize execution of the following processes:

    • alignment-bowtie2

    • alignment-bwa-mem

    • alignment-hisat2

    • alignment-star

    • alignment-tophat2

    • cuffdiff

    • cufflinks

    • cuffquant

  • Require Resolwe 8.x

  • Bump STAR aligner version in resolwebio/rnaseq docker image to 2.5.4b

  • Bump Primerclip version in resolwebio/dnaseq docker image

  • Use resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image in picard-pcrmetrics process

  • Run vc-realign-recalibrate process using multiple cpu cores to optimize the processing time

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image in alignment-star process


  • Add CNVKit, LoFreq and GATK to resolwebio/dnaseq docker image

  • Add BaseSpace files download tool

  • Add process to import a file from BaseSpace

  • Add process to convert files to single-end reads

  • Add process to convert files to paired-end reads

  • Add vc-gatk4-hc process which implements GATK4 HaplotypeCaller variant calling tool

  • Add workflow-accel-gatk4 pipeline that uses GATK4 HaplotypeCaller as an alternative to GATK3 used in workflow-accel pipeline

  • Add amplicon-master-file descriptor schema

  • Add workflow-bbduk-star-featurecounts pipeline

  • Add rna-seq-bbduk-star-featurecounts RNA-seq descriptor schema


  • Fix iterative trimming in bowtie and bowtie2 processes

  • Fix archive-samples to use sample names for headers when merging expressions

  • Improve tool to handle duplicated mapping results

  • Handle filenames with spaces in the following processes:

    • alignment-hisat2

    • alignment-bowtie

    • prepare-geo-chipseq

    • prepare-geo-rnaseq

    • cufflinks

    • cuffquant

7.0.1 - 2018-03-27


  • Use name-ordered BAM file for counting reads in HTSeq-count process by default to avoid buffer overflow with large BAM files

7.0.0 - 2018-03-13


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove Ubuntu 17.04 base Docker image since it has has reached its end of life and change all images to use the new ubuntu 17.10 base image

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Require species and build inputs in the following processes:

    • upload-genome

    • upload-gtf

    • upload-gff3

    • upload-bam

    • upload-bam-indexed

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Track species and build information in the following processes:

    • cuffmerge

    • alignment processes

    • variant calling processes

    • JBrowse processes

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Track species, build and feature_type in the following processes:

    • upload-expression-star

    • quantification processes

    • differential expression processes

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Track species in gene set (Venn) and goenrichment processes

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Rename genes_source input to source in hierarchical clustering and PCA processes

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove the following obsolete processes:

    • Dictyostelium-specific ncRNA quantification

    • go-geneset

    • bayseq differential expression

    • cuffmerge-gtf-to-gff3

    • transdecoder

    • web-gtf-dictybase

    • upload-rmsk

    • snpdat

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Unify output fields of processes of type data:annotation

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Rename the organism field names to species in rna-seq and cutadapt-star-htseq descriptor schemas

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Rename the genome_and_annotation field name to species in bcm-* descriptor schemas and use the full species name for the species field values

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Refactor featureCounts process

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Change import-sra process to work with resolwebio/utils Docker image and refactor its inputs

  • Require Resolwe 7.x

  • Add environment export for Jenkins so that the manager will use a globally-unique channel name

  • Set scheduling_class of gene and sample hierarchical clustering processes to interactive

  • Change base Docker images of resolwebio/rnaseq and resolwebio/dnaseq to resolwebio/base:ubuntu-18.04

  • Use the latest versions of the following Python packages in resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image: Cutadapt 1.15, Apache Arrow 0.8.0, pysam 0.13, and xopen 0.3.2

  • Use the latest versions of the following Python packages in resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image: Bokeh 0.12.13, pandas 0.22.0, Matplotlib 2.1.2, six 1.11.0, PyYAML 3.12, Jinja2 2.10, NumPy 1.14.0, Tornado 4.5.3, and pytz 2017.3

  • Use the latest version of wigToBigWig tool in resolwebio/chipseq Docker image

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq:3.0.0 Docker image in goenrichment, upload-gaf and upload-obo processes

  • Use resolwebio/dnaseq:3.0.0 Docker image in filtering_chemut process

  • Change cuffnorm process type to data:cuffnorm

  • Set type of coverage-garvan process to data:exomecoverage

  • Remove gsize input from macs14 process and automate genome size selection

  • Adjust bam-split process so it can be included in workflows

  • Make ID attribute labels in featureCounts more informative

  • Change ‘source’ to ‘gene ID database’ in labes and descriptions

  • Change archive-samples process to create different IGV session files for build and species

  • Expose advanced parameters in Chemical Mutagenesis workflow

  • Clarify some descriptions in the filtering_chemut process and chemut workflow

  • Change expected genome build formatting for hybrid genomes in bam-split process

  • Set the cooksCutoff parameter to FALSE in deseq.R tool

  • Rename ‘Expressions (BCM)’ to ‘Dicty expressions’


  • Mechanism to override the manager’s control channel prefix from the environment

  • Add Ubuntu 17.10 and Ubuntu 18.04 base Docker images

  • Add resolwebio/utils Docker image

  • Add BBMap, Trimmomatic, Subread, Salmon, and dexseq_prepare_annotation2 tools and DEXSeq and loadSubread R libraries to resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image

  • Add abstract processes that ensure that all processes that inherit from them have the input and output fields that are defined in them:

    • abstract-alignment

    • abstract-annotation

    • abstract-expression

    • abstract-differentialexpression

    • abstract-bed

  • Add miRNA workflow

  • Add prepare-geo-chipseq and prepare-geo-rnaseq processes that produce a tarball with necessary data and folder structure for GEO upload

  • Add library-strandedness process which uses the Salmon tool built-in functionality to detect the library strandedness information

  • Add species and genome build output fields to macs14 process

  • Expose additional parameters in alignment-star, cutadapt-single and cutadapt-paired processes

  • Add merge expressions to archive-samples process

  • Add description of batch mode to Expression aggregator process

  • Add error and warning messages to the cuffnorm process

  • Add optional species input to hierarchical clustering and PCA processes

  • Add Rattus norvegicus species choice to the rna-seq descriptor schema to allow running RNA-seq workflow for this species from the Recipes


  • Fix custom argument passing script for Trimmomatic in resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image

  • Fix installation errors for dexseq-prepare-annotation2 in resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image

  • Fix consensus_subreads input option in Subread process

  • Limit variant-calling process in the chemical mutagenesis workflow and the Picard tools run inside to 16 GB of memory to prevent them from crashing because they try to use too much memory

  • The chemical mutagenesis workflow was erroneously categorized as data:workflow:rnaseq:cuffquant type. This is switched to data:workflow:chemut type.

  • Fix handling of NA values in Differential expression results table. NA values were incorrectly replaced with value 0 instead of 1

  • Fix cuffnorm process to work with samples containing dashes in their name and dispense prefixing sample names starting with numbers with ‘X’ in the cuffnorm normalization outputs

  • Fix cuffnorm process’ outputs to correctly track species and build information

  • Fix typos and sync parameter description common to featureCounts and miRNA workflow

6.2.2 - 2018-02-21


  • Fix cuffnorm process to correctly use sample names as labels in output files and expand cuffnorm tests

6.2.1 - 2018-01-28


  • Update description text of cutadapt-star-htseq descriptor schema to better describe the difference between gene/transcript-type analyses

  • Speed-up management command for inserting mappings

6.2.0 - 2018-01-17


  • Add R, tabix, and CheMut R library to resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image

  • Add SRA Toolkit to resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image


  • Require Resolwe 6.x

  • Extend pathway map with species and source field

  • Move template and logo for multi-sample report into resolwebio/latex Docker image

  • Refactor amplicon-report process to contain all relevant inputs for amplicon-archive-multi-report

  • Refactor amplicon-archive-multi-report

  • Use resolwebio/dnaseq:1.2.0 Docker image in filtering_chemut process


  • Enable DEBUG setting in tests using Django’s LiveServerTestCase

  • Wait for ElasticSeach to index the data in KBBioProcessTestCase

  • Remove unused parameters in TopHat (2.0.13) process and Chip-seq workflow

6.1.0 - 2017-12-12


  • Add amplicon-archive-multi-report process

  • Add upload-metabolic-pathway process

  • Add memory-optimized primerclip as a separate align-bwa-trim2 process

  • Add workflow-accel-2 workflow


  • Improve PCA process performance

  • Use resolwebio/chipseq:1.1.0 Docker image in macs14 process

  • Change formatting of EFF[*].AA column in snpeff process

  • Save unmapped reads in aligment-hisat2 process

  • Turn off test profiling


  • Fix pre-sorting in upload-master-file process

  • Revert align-bwa-trim process to use non-memory-optimized primerclip

  • Fix file processing in cutadapt-custom-paired process

6.0.0 - 2017-11-28


  • Add AF filter to amplicon report

  • Add number of samples to the output of expression aggregator

  • Add ChIP-Rx, ChIPmentation and eClIP experiment types to reads descriptor schema

  • Add pandas Python package to resolwebio/latex Docker image

  • Add primerclip, samtools, picard-tools and bwa to resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image

  • Add cufflinks, RNASeqT R library, pyarrow and sklearn Python packages to resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image

  • Add wigToBigWig tool to resolwebio/chipseq Docker image


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Drop Python 2 support, require Python 3.4 or 3.5

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Make species part of the feature primary key

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Substitute Python 2 with Python 3 in resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image. The processes to be updated to this version of the Docker image should also have their Python scripts updated to Python 3.

  • Require Resolwe 5.x

  • Set maximum RAM requirement in bbduk process

  • Move Assay type input parameter in RNA-Seq descriptor schema from advanced options to regular options

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image in Cutadapt processes

  • Use additional adapter trimming option in cutadapt-custom-single/paired processes

  • Show antibody information in reads descriptor for ChIP-Seq, ChIPmentation, ChIP-Rx, eClIP, MNase-Seq, MeDIP-Seq, RIP-Seq and ChIA-PET experiment types

  • Use resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image in align-bwa-trim process

  • Refactor resolwebio/chipseq Docker image

  • Use Resolwe’s Test Runner for running tests and add ability to only run a partial test suite based on what proceses have Changed

  • Configure Jenkins to only run a partial test suite when testing a pull request

  • Make tests use the live Resolwe API host instead of external server


  • Fix merging multiple expressions in DESeq process

  • Fix resolwebio/rnaseq Docker image’s README

  • Handle multiple ALT values in amplicon report

  • Fix BAM file input in rsem process

5.0.1 - 2017-11-14


  • Update Features and Mappings ElasticSearch indices building to be compatible with Resolwe 4.0

5.0.0 - 2017-10-25


  • Add automatic headers extractor to bam-split process

  • Add HTML amplicon plot in coveragebed process

  • Add raw RSEM tool output to rsem process output

  • Add support for transcript-level differential expression in deseq2 process


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Bump Django requirement to version 1.11.x

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Make BioProcessTestCase non-transactional

  • Require Resolwe 4.x

  • Add the advanced options checkbox to the rna-seq descriptor schema

  • Remove static amplicon plot from coveragebed and amplicon-report processes

  • Update Dockerfile for resolwebio/latex with newer syntax and add some additional Python packages

4.2.0 - 2017-10-05


  • Add resolwebio/base Docker image based on Ubuntu 17.04

  • Add resolwebio/dnaseq Docker image

  • Add DESeq2 tool to resolwebio/rnaseq docker image

  • Add input filename regex validator for upload-master-file process


  • Remove obsolete mongokey escape functionality

  • Report novel splice-site junctions in HISAT2

  • Use the latest stable versions of the following bioinformatics tools in resolwebio/rnaseq docker image: Cutadapt 1.14, FastQC 0.11.5, HTSeq 0.9.1, and SAMtools 1.5

4.1.0 - 2017-09-22


  • Add Mus musculus to all BCM workflows’ schemas

  • Add bam-split process with supporting processes upload-bam-primary, upload-bam-secondary and upload-header-sam


  • Enable Chemut workflow and process tests


  • Fix chemut intervals input option

4.0.0 - 2017-09-14


  • New base and legacy Docker images for processes, which support non-root execution as implemented by Resolwe


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Modify all processes to explicitly use the new Docker images

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove clustering-hierarchical-genes-etc process

  • Require Resolwe 3.x

3.2.0 2017-09-13


  • Add index-fasta-nucl and rsem process

  • Add custom Cutadapt - STAR - RSEM workflow

3.1.0 2017-09-13


  • Add statistics of logarithmized expressions to expression-aggregator

  • Add input field description to cutadapt-star-htseq descriptor schema

  • Add HISAT2 and RSEM tool to resolwebio/rnaseq docker image


  • Remove eXpress tool from resolwebio/rnaseq docker image

  • Use system packages of RNA-seq tools in resolwebio/rnaseq docker image

  • Set hisat2 process’ memory resource requirement to 32GB

  • Use resolwebio/rnaseq docker image in hisat2 process

3.0.0 2017-09-07


  • Add custom Cutadapt - STAR - HT-seq workflow

  • Add expression aggregator process

  • Add resolwebio/rnaseq docker image

  • Add resolwebio/latex docker image

  • Add access to sample field of data objects in processes via sample filter


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove threads input in STAR aligner process and replace it with the cores resources requirement

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Allow upload of custom amplicon master files (make changes to amplicon-panel descriptor schema, upload-master-file and amplicon-report processes and workflow-accel workflow)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: Remove threads input in cuffnorm process and replace it with the cores resources requirement

  • Add sample descriptor to prepare_expression test function

  • Prettify amplicon report


  • Fix upload-expression-star process to work with arbitrary file names

  • Fix STAR aligner to work with arbitrary file names

  • Fix cuffnorm group analysis to work correctly

  • Do not crop Amplicon report title as this may result in malformed LaTeX command

  • Escape LaTeX’s special characters in tool

  • Fix validation error in Test sleep progress process

2.0.0 2017-08-25


  • Support bioinformatics process test case based on Resolwe’s TransactionProcessTestCase

  • Custom version of Resolwe’s with_resolwe_host test decorator which skips the decorated tests on non-Linux systems

  • Add optimal leaf ordering and simulated annealing to gene and sample hierarchical clustering

  • Add resolwebio/chipseq docker image and use it in ChIP-Seq processes

  • Add Odocoileus virginianus texanus (deer) organism to sample descriptor

  • Add test for import-sra process

  • Add RNA-seq DSS test

  • Add Cutadapt and custom Cutadapt processes


  • Require Resolwe 2.0.x

  • Update processes to support new input sanitization introduced in Resolwe 2.0.0

  • Improve variant table name in amplicon report

  • Prepend api/ to all URL patterns in the Django test project

  • Set hisat2 process’ memory resource requirement to 16GB and cores resource requirement to 1

  • Filter LoFreq output VCF files to remove overlapping indels

  • Add Non-canonical splice sites penalty, Disallow soft clipping and Report alignments tailored specifically for Cufflinks parameters to hisat2 process

  • Remove threads input from cuffquant and rna-seq workfows

  • Set core resource requirement in cuffquant process to 1


  • Correctly handle paired-end parameters in featureCount

  • Fix NaN in explained variance in PCA. When PC1 alone explained more than 99% of variance, explained variance for PC2 was not returned

  • Fix input sanitization error in dss-rna-seq process

  • Fix gene source check in hierarchical clustering and PCA

  • Enable network access for all import processes

  • Fix RNA-seq DSS adapters bug

  • Fix sample hierarchical clustering output for a single sample case

1.4.1 2017-07-20


  • Optionally report all amplicons in Amplicon table


  • Remove remaining references to calling pip with --process-dependency-links argument

1.4.0 2017-07-04


  • Amplicon workflow

  • Amplicon descriptor schemas

  • Amplicon report generator

  • Add Rattus norvegicus organism choice to sample schema

  • Transforming form Phred 64 to Phred 33 when uploading fastq reads

  • Add primertrim process

  • RNA-Seq experiment descriptor schema

  • iCount sample and reads descriptor schemas

  • iCount demultiplexing and sample annotation

  • ICount QC

  • Add MM8, RN4 and RN6 options to rose2 process

  • Add RN4 and RN6 options to bamplot process

  • Archive-samples process

  • Add bamliquidator

  • CheMut workflow

  • Dicty primary analysis descriptor schema

  • IGV session to Archive-samples process

  • Use Resolwe’s field projection mixins for knowledge base endpoints

  • amplicon-table process

  • Add C. griseus organism choice to Sample descriptor schema

  • Add S. tuberosum organism choice to Sample descriptor schema

  • Add log2 to gene and sample hierarchical clustering

  • Add new inputs to import SRA, add read type selection process

  • Set memory resource requirement in jbrowse annotation gff3 and gtf processes to 16GB

  • Set memory resource requirement in star alignment and index processes to 32GB

  • Add C. elegans organism choice to Sample descriptor schema

  • Add D. melanogaster organism choice to Sample descriptor schema

  • Set core resource requirement in Bowtie process to 1

  • Set memory resource requirement in amplicon BWA trim process to 32GB

  • Add new master file choices to amplicon panel descriptor schema

  • Add S. tuberosum organism choice to RNA-seq workflow

  • Add Cutadapt process

  • Add leaf ordering to gene and sample hierarchical clustering


  • Use new import paths in resolwe.flow

  • Upload reads (paired/single) containing whitespace in the file name

  • Fix reads filtering processes for cases where input read file names contain whitespace

  • Add additional filtering option to STAR aligner

  • Fix bbduk-star-htseq_count workflow

  • Fix cuffnorm process: Use sample names as labels (boxplot, tables), remove group labels input, auto assign group labels, add outputs for Rscript output files which were only available compressed

  • Derive output filenames in hisat2 from the first reads filename

  • Correctly fetch KB features in

  • Append JBrowse tracks to sample

  • Replace the BAM MD tag in align-bwa-trim process to correct for an issue with the primerclip tool

  • Fix typo in trimmomatic and bbduk processes

  • Use re-import in etc and hmmer_database processes


  • Support Resolwe test framework

  • Run tests in parallel with Tox

  • Use Resolwe’s new FLOW_DOCKER_COMMAND setting in test project

  • Always run Tox’s docs, linters and packaging environments with Python 3

  • Add extra Tox testing environment with a check that there are no large test files in resolwe_bio/tests/files

  • Replace Travis CI with Genialis’ Jenkins for running the tests

  • Store compressed and uncompressed .fasta files in data:genome:fasta objects

  • Change sample_geo descriptor schema to have strain option available for all organisms

  • More readable rna-seq-quantseq schema, field stranded

  • Remove obsolete Gene Info processes

  • Change log2(fc) default from 2 to 1 in diffexp descriptor schema

  • Change Efective genome size values to actual values in macs14 process

  • Change variable names in bowtie processes

  • Remove iClip processes, tools, files and tests

1.3.0 2017-01-28


  • Add option to save expression JSON to file before saving it to Storage

  • Update upload-expression process

  • No longer treat resolwe_bio/tools as a Python package

  • Move processes’ test files to the resolwe_bio/tests/files directory to generalize and simplify handling of tests’ files

  • Update differential expression (DE) processors

  • Update generate_diffexpr_cuffdiff django-admin command

  • Save gene_id source to output.source for DE, expression and related objects

  • Refactor upload-diffexp processor

  • Update sample descriptor schema

  • Remove obsolete descriptor schemas

  • Add stitch parameter to rose2 processor

  • Add filtering to DESeq2

  • Set Docker Compose’s project name to resolwebio to avoid name clashes

  • GO enrichment analysis: map features using gene Knowledge base

  • Add option to upload .gff v2 files with upload-gtf processor

  • Replace Haystack with Resolwe Elastic Search API

  • Require Resolwe 1.4.1+

  • Update processes to be compatible with Resolwe 1.4.0


  • Process definition documentation style and text improvements

  • Add resolwe_bio.kb app, Resolwe Bioinformatics Knowledge Base

  • Add tests to ensure generators produce the same results

  • Upload Gene sets (data:geneset)

  • Add generate_geneset django-admin command

  • Add generate_diffexpr_deseq django-admin command

  • Add ‘Generate GO gene sets’ processor

  • Add generic file upload processors

  • Add upload processor for common image file types (.jpg/.tiff/.png/.gif)

  • Add upload processor for tabular file formats (.tab/.tsv/.csv/.txt/.xls/.xlsx)

  • Add Trimmomatic process

  • Add featureCounts process

  • Add Subread process

  • Add process for hierarchical clusteing of samples

  • Add gff3 to gtf file converter

  • Add microarray data descriptor schema

  • Add process for differential expression edgeR

  • BioCollectionFilter and BidDataFilter to support filtering collections and data by samples on API

  • Added processes for automatically downloading single and paired end SRA files from NCBI and converting them to FASTQ

  • Added process for automatically downloading SRA files from NCBI and converting them to FASTQ

  • Add HEAT-Seq pipeline tools

  • Add HEAT-Seq workflow

  • Add create-geneset, create-geneset-venn processors

  • Add source filter to feature search endpoint

  • Add bamplot process

  • Add gene hiererhical clustering

  • Add cuffquant workflow

  • Support Django 1.10 and versionfield 0.5.0

  • django-admin commands insert_features and insert_mappings for importing features and mappings to the Knowledge Base

  • Add bsmap and mcall to analyse WGBS data

  • Vaccinesurvey sample descriptor schema

  • Add RNA-Seq single and paired-end workflow


  • Set presample to False for Samples created on Sample endpoint

  • Fix FastQC report paths in processors

  • Fix htseq_count and featureCounts for large files

  • Fix upload gtf annotation

  • Fix gene_id field type for differential expression storage objects

  • Order data objects in SampleViewSet

  • Fix sample hiererhical clustering

  • Fix name in gff to gtf process

  • Fix clustering to read expressed genes as strings

  • Fix protocol labels in rna-seq-quantseq descriptor schema

1.2.1 2016-07-27


  • Update resolwe requirement

1.2.0 2016-07-27


  • Decorate all tests that currently fail on Docker with skipDockerFailure

  • Require Resolwe’s master git branch

  • Put packaging tests in a separate Tox testing environment

  • Rename DB user in test project

  • Change PostgreSQL port in test project

  • Add ROSE2 results parser

  • Compute index for HISAT2 aligner on genome upload

  • Updated Cuffquant/Cuffnorm tools

  • Change ROSE2 enhancer rank plot labels

  • Refactor processor syntax

  • Move processes tests into processes subdirectory

  • Split sample API endpoint to sample for annotated Samples and presample for unannotated Samples

  • Rename test project’s data and upload directories to .test_data and .test_upload

  • Save fastq files to lists:basic:file field. Refactor related processors.

  • Reference genome-index path when running aligners.

  • Add pre-computed genome-index files when uploading reference fasta file.

  • Include all necessary files for running the tests in source distribution

  • Exclude tests from built/installed version of the package

  • Move testing utilities from resolwe_bio.tests.processes.utils to resolwe_bio.utils.test

  • Update Cuffdiff processor inputs and results table parsing

  • Refactor processes to use the updated command

  • Refactor STAR aligner - export expressions as separate objects


  • Make Tox configuration more robust to different developer environments

  • Set required: false in processor input/output fields where necessary

  • Add Sample’s Data objects to Collection when Sample is added

  • Fixed/renamed Cufflinks processor field names


  • skipDockerFailure test decorator

  • Expand documentation on running tests

  • Use Travis CI to run the tests

  • Add Sample model and corresponding viewset and filter

  • Add docker-compose command for PostgreSQL

  • API endpoint for adding Samples to Collections

  • HISAT2 aligner

  • Use Git Large File Storage (LFS) for large test files

  • Test for generate_samples django-admin command

  • django-admin command: generate_diffexpr

1.1.0 2016-04-18


  • Remove obsolete utilities superseded by resolwe-runtime-utils

  • Require Resolwe 1.1.0


  • Update sample descriptor schema

  • Include all source files and supplementary package data in sdist


  • flow_collection: sample to processes

  • MACS14 processor

  • Initial Tox configuration for running the tests

  • Tox tests for ensuring high-quality Python packaging

  • ROSE2 processor

  • django-admin command: generate_samples

1.0.0 2016-03-31


  • Renamed assertFileExist to assertFileExists

  • Restructured processes folder hierarchy

  • Removed re-require and hard-coded tools’ paths


  • Different line endings are correctly handled when opening gzipped files

  • Fail gracefully if the field does not exist in assertFileExists

  • Enabled processor tests (GO, Expression, Variant Calling)

  • Enabled processor test (Upload reads with old Illumina QC encoding)

  • Made Resolwe Bioinformatics work with Resolwe and Docker


  • Import expressions from tranSMART

  • Limma differential expression (tranSMART)

  • VC filtering tool (Chemical mutagenesis)

  • Additional analysis options to Abyss assembler

  • API endpoint for Sample

  • Initial documentation